A Day in San Francisco

After a long night traveling my family and I made it to San Francisco. After getting our rental car we headed to fisherman’s wharf. We wanted to be close to Pier 33 for our alcatraz tour. On our way we drove right by Lombard St. Lombard street is famously known for the steep twisty road. I knew we had to stop and walk up. Although all of the flowers were not in bloom it was still gorgeous. The view from the top was insane.



After eating lunch at a Louisiana, Mardi Gras themed restaurant at Pier 33, we hopped on a boat to Alcatraz Prison. I had never knew much about this prison, just the basics. It was on an island and it was meant for the worst criminals from 1930’s to 1960’s. We had bought the tickets a couple days in advance because it sells out days in advance.

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Not only were the views from Alcatraz insane, so was the history. When we arrived on the island we walked up to the top where the cells were. That was where you started the tour. When you purchase the boat ticket, you are also purchasing a headset tour. The headset tour gave an amazing insight on what it was like when the prison was open. The guides featured prison guards and even prisoners. We walked around the sells, the dining hall, the library, and much more. Due to lack of time we weren’t able to explore the whole island. The island is now a state park and it features gardens.

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The first thing that comes to mind when I think of San Francisco is, the Golden Gate Bridge. I knew if there was one thing I needed to visit, it was the Golden Gate Bridge. When we put it in the maps it took us to the the Vista Point lookout. The look out is right when you get off of bridge. The view from the lookout point was not what I expected. It was overly crowded and you couldn’t get a side view of the bridge. We got back in the car on a mission to find a better view of the whole bridge. From the pictures, you can definitely tell we found an incredibly breathtaking view. When we got back on the 101 we got off on Alexander Ave then turned onto Conzelman Rd. On the side of the road there were spots to park on the side of the mountain. We drove to the second little parking spot and found the perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

After having an impromptu photoshoot we worked up an appetite. For dinner we ate at The Stinking Rose. The restaurant is famously known for their use of garlic. All of their food was drenched in garlic. We weren’t going anywhere after so it was totally fine with me! I ordered the buttered noodles and they were amazing! It was a perfect way to end the day in San Francisco.



Hailey Heavens

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Strawberry Season!! 

Today at a local berry farm it was the first day of strawberry picking season! I went with my friend Abby to the farm to pick a bucket full of strawberries! It only cost $12 (almost $2-$2.40 a pound) for a bucket filled with 5-6 pounds of strawberries! I had seen on Facebook that today was the first day and knew I had to go! 

When we got back from the berry farm we had so many red (on the inside too, normally they are almost white when bought at the store) juicy flavorful strawberries we had no idea what to do with! We decided to make strawberry muffins, such a good decision! 

If you have the chance to go to a berry farm definitely go! The strawberries taste so much better than the ones you would get from the store!!


Hailey Heavens 


Effortless Chic Day to Night Look


After school, working, or out with friends during the day if I make plans to go out after I like my outfit transition look to be easy. I don’t want to spend hours getting ready again at night. I put together a stylish to chic look for an easy effortless transition for a day out and a night out.

During the day I like to keep a bright clean color scheme, especially during the summer. For my jewelry I like to keep it small, dainty and simple. I like also like to have jewelry that shines in the light with the sun. For this look I have jewelry from AURate New York picture in the collage. They have a Mother’s Day collection out now that I am in love with! For 10% off you can use this exclusive discount code: AurateExclusive10.

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AURate Night

During the night time I like to keep my my color scheme a little darker. I think it has something to do with the lighting. For this look instead of completely making an outfit change I have just switched a couple things out to fit the nightlife atmosphere. Recently I have been obsessing over black booties and I cannot find enough excuses to wear them!!!

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AURate Night

How do you transition from day to night? Let me know!



Hailey Heavens

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Spring Break Caribbean Cruise

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Over my spring break I went on a cruise through the Caribbean! Cruises are an amazing way to see the beauty around the world. The first day we set sail to Key West. Key West is the most southern point in the United States. It’s only 98 miles to Cuba. In Key West I took a tour around the town and I learned so much! The city has no natural beaches because there is a reef that acts as a natural barrier that protects the Keys. After our day at the Key West we set sail around 4:30. On the second day we were at sea. During the sea day I spent the whole day soaking up the sun. It was so hot outside but on the boat there was a perfect breeze. With the breeze I was unable to feel how much sun I was actually getting, I ended up getting a pretty bad sunburn on my back. Sea day is also formal night in the dining room. Being for the most part vegetarian there wasn’t many dinning room options for me. I had a lot of fries this week. The third day was our second stop, Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. When I woke up and looked over the balcony I almost cried. The view of the Dominican Republic from the boat was so gorgeous. I could not believe how breathtaking it was, and pictures do not do it justice at all. When we got off the boat we just walked around the little shopping area. There was also a decent sized swimming area for everyone with a bar and restaurant. They also had a 360 bar that you could walk up to. Walking up to the bar was the highlight over Amber Cove. That is where you could see everything. It was so heartbreaking to leave because it was so beautiful there. The fourth day we went to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos. In Turks and Caicos we did an excursion, the excursion took us to the other side of the island to the Bajrai Beach Escape. Here there was just the crystal clear waters and clear beaches. There weren’t as many people here which made it 10x better. At this place they had music, drinks, food, and rental water gear. I decided to face my fear of fish and go snorkeling. I thought it was the perfect time to do it, thankfully there were not many fish in sight. The water was perfect, it’s just how you would imagine in the pictures. It was hard to get back on the boat after being in paradise. The fifth day we were at sea again. During this sea day I laid in the sun again, after being burnt from the first sea day I was finally able to lay out in the sun again. One of my favorite places to visit on the ship was the Exploration Cafe. They had the best cookies and my favorite, macaroons! I think on this day I ate three to four cups of fries.. with no shame. The sixth day we stopped at a private island, owned by the cruise ship line, Half Moon Caye, Bahamas. This place was also breathtaking. It was almost like Turks and Caicos but a lot cleaner and nicer because nobody lives on the island except for 12 workers. At Half Moon Cay we did a glass boat bottom excursion. During the excursion we learned a lot about the caribbean ocean life and the island. I got a lot of cool GoPro footage underwater of fish and so many jellyfish! After the boat ride was over we got to eat a BBQ lunch or for me a fruit and vegetable lunch. After lunch we headed over to the beach where we relaxed for a couple of hours until we had to get back onto the ship. The ocean front that had all the beach chairs went on for, my guess, over a mile at least. I decided to go walk the beach, get more gopro footage, and relax by the water. The best part was that there was nobody around. It was like I had my own private island. After spending a half hour exploring I headed back to the beach chairs. When I got back I decided I wanted to rent a flat raft so I could lay on it in the ocean. When I went to the rental hut they just let me take it instead of paying the $5! It made the relaxation even more enjoyable. Around 3:30 we said our sad goodbyes, headed back to the ship and set sail back to the United States. Every destination exceeded my expectations. I cannot even choose a favorite, each one was gorgeous in their own way. My week of relaxation in the Caribbean was a success!


xx Hailey Heavens

Outfit 1:

Dress- Styles for Less

Hat- Brandy Melville 

Shoes- Payless

Outfit 2:

Top- TJ Maxx

Shorts- Abercrombie & Fitch

Outfit 3:

Styles for Less

Outfit 4:

Pink Coconut Boutique 

Outfit 5:


Outfit 6:

Brandy Melville 

Outfit 7:

TJ Maxx

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Treat YOURSELF Valentine’s Day







Whenever I fell like I need a pick me up or I want to treat myself my favorite thing to do is pamper myself. This Valentine’s Day I will be celebrating by treating myself. Unlike me, if you are in a relationship this could be a great way to treat and prep yourself for your date. The first and most important step is to stop by your local lush or homemade soap shop. I stopped into lush and grabbed two of my favorites! A bath bomb, which is essential, also a face mask. I picked up the blackberry bath bomb, the bergamot oils that the bath bomb is infused with is meant to lift you up when you are feeling down or upset. I also picked up The Sacred Truth face mask, this mask is a mask that is suppose to give you a glowing radiant look right after the first use. Once you get home and draw yourself a warm bath drop a bath bomb into the water. I like to also include my favorite bath soap into the tub to give the bath some large bubbles. Before getting into the bath I like to put on my face mask and set up a cozy environment to relax in. I like to light a candle, my favorite is mahogany teakwood. I either grab a book or watch Netflix on my laptop to help clear my mind of anything I had been thinking of. Before getting to the bath I like to make sure to get a drink to stay hydrated. This Valentine’s Day I will be splurging on a Venti Strawberry Acai refresher made with coconut milk instead of water. Then I will make sure to have a little snack such as, Dove milk chocolate hearts. After removing my face mask I love to drench my face in the Mario Bedescu rose water spray. After I finish relaxing in the tub I wrap myself into a fleece robe. Than I make sure to use a hydrating moisturizer to moisturizer my body. You can find cute or sexy, affordable robes on Adore Me. Not only can you find a cute robe to relax in you can also find something for Valentine’s Day to impress that special someone. If you’re like me and have nobody to impress you can always treat yourself to something that will make you feel good. Just because you don’t have someone else to impress doesn’t mean you can’t impress yourself!! Who doesn’t love singing in their underwear while nobody is watching??

After a night of pampering myself my mind is refreshed and clear. Nothing is more relaxing than having a night to yourself in a calming, cozy environment. I have time to focus on all of the things I want to accomplish and have time to create a plan. Focusing on yourself is an important thing to do and a good trait to have. You cannot get caught up in thinking of others and not having time to think of yourself but yet you also cannot just think of yourself. This Valentine’s Day don’t just give love to others, remember to have time to love your body and mind as well.


Hailey Heavens

Pamper Routine Video

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A Day in Houston | OOTD

  • Hat – Brandy Melville
  • Jacket – Forever 21
  • Tank – Charlotte Russe
  • Leggings – Lululemon
  • Bag – Forever 21
  • Shoes – Target


While I was in Houston I was interviewed for a news channel. I also met Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas at the airport.

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Rome, Italy

May 21st, 2015

Starting out our day we got off the boat and headed straight to the train station. The train took us into the heart of Rome. The first stop we took was to see the Vatican. It was one of the most interesting buildings I have ever been in. With handpainted walls and ceilings that are centuries old. Although for having a limited time in Rome it took up the majority of our time. We spent a solid 2 hours inside, with no air conditioning in the heat of the summer.

The Vatican


After visiting the Vatican we headed over to a huge disappointment. We went to see the gorgeous Trevi Fountain. Unfortunately it was under construction. The whole fountain was drained and covered.

We proceed to find a spot to eat lunch. For the first time I had authentic Italian food! IMG_4477

After lunch we decided to explore the city! We walked to the streets and we visited the spanish steps! I am bummed because we didn’t reach the colosseum which was probably something I was most excited for. Although I did take some awesome pictures whilst enjoying the perfect streets of Rome.


Spanish Steps

We then made it full circle back to the train station and got on the train for our hour journey back to the boat.