Lake House!

After driving 130 miles (the most I’ve ever driven) I got to the lake house I hit the ground running! I put on my swim suit and hopped on the back of a jet ski! I was a nervous with my driver, Sara. After about 15 minutes on the jet ski’s we got pulled over.. The boat officer asked Sara how old she was and he had radio the Illinois police to pull up her license.. He said she looked like she was 10, I jokingly told Sara it must’ve been the no makeup look, they weren’t amused. After we got that cleared up we went home and I saw there was a paddle board which I’ve always wanted to try and I jumped right on it. At first I was nervous and was sitting but then I gained the coincidence to stand up and start paddling.


Right away we went boating. Of course I had to go tubing with my best friend. My back still hurts from my legs flying in the air as I try to hold onto the tube! To finish off the day we had a relaxing night in the hot tub.


The next day was quite eventful. We woke up and got right on the jet ski. This time I drove myself and it was scary.. Especially because the water was extremely choppy. We decided to head in after a while because of the water.
It was super hot outside and we decided to lay out. When we figured there wasn’t to many boats Sara tried to knee board which was scary as a boat rider. She face planted into the water and she hurt her back really bad. We called it quits at that point!

Our last day was on a Monday so we decided to take the boat out one last time! There was only a couple boats out and we knew it was perfect knee boarding water. Everyone knew boarded except me, (I wasn’t scared.. I promise!) I just wanted to relax on the boat. After some relaxation me and Sara took the jet skis out and cruised along the water to look at the gorgeous houses on the lake. We packed all our stuff and made our way home. I was passed out because I had to take Dramamine. I get car sick and I had sun poisining!

ALWAYS wear sunscreen!!


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