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Blogmas Day 11!! – TBT

15 Days Until Christmas!!!!

I want to take time to reflect on the simpler days of my life. When everything was easy. When I was younger I didn’t even know what stress. My only worry was missing my favoriteTV show or what I was gonna have for a snack. I didn’t have to worry about getting good grades or timing my day so I had enough time to do everything I need to do. The only time i really needed to keep track of was how long someone got to use my toy. Growing up sucks. What is ironic enough about that is the only thing I want to do is grow up. Even though I say goring up sucks I don’t want to be a child. Over the years I have been stressing on what I want to do with my life in the future. Do I want to be a cop or a journalist. Do I want to be an actress or a doctor or a lawyer. There are so many things I have to worry about because I need to know. I really don’t need to know but for my state of mind I need to know to make myself happy. I want to get my head screwed on straight and be able to focus on one thing. I want to be able to set a goal for myself. I feel like since I don’t know what I want to do in my future profession I am failing. I just wish everything was simple. I wish all my worries were the same as when i was younger.

– Confuesed Hailey Heavens


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