Blogmas 2014

Blogmas Day 15!! – Sick Dance

11 Days until Christmas!!!!

Woah… This December is going by way to fast!!!

Today I had to go to school because I had to perform a dance. If I didn’t I would’ve had to write a paper. I went into school the period my dance was and of course I looked like a hot mess. I looked in the mirror and it looked like I did my makeup blindfolded. My top eyeliner wasn’t even on my lash line. my face makeup looked 10 shades darker than my body. It looked like I had one eye with mascara and one without. How embarrassing! The dance I had to perform was for my dance class that me and two other girls choreographed. We did it to the song Santa Baby. I was sweating so bad when I got to the school. My fever was trying to exit my body. I had to wear a big huge ugly sweater. I found it in my dads closet but the funny part is that he uses it as a normal sweater… The dance was performed in front of 7 different gym classes on a huge stage. Just the three of us.. We went first too. Im proud to say I didn’t mess up!!

I’m a trooper.

-Hailey Heavens


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