Blogmas 2014

Blogmas Day 25 – Christmas – Last Day of Blogging



Today was such an amazing day spent with my family!!!!

I sort of ate breakfast as per usual on Christmas morning. I was also able to make myself a cup of coffee on my new Keurig!!

I am so thankful for everything I received this Christmas!!!!

I headed over to my dads house to open presents! I got a automatic car started!!! If anyone knows my car they would know it as the “ice box.”

Dinner was by far my favorite part of my day! This Christmas was tradition. I hate straying from tradition!

My grandpa has not been in the best condition these past 2 years. He had surgery to clear a 99.8% clogged blood clot that the doctors caught in the perfect time. He has recently been diagnosed with dementia and was in the hospital not being able to remember names or even talk. Thanksgiving we strayed from tradition and had it at my house. I am beyond grateful my grandpa is in good health right now. I am also very grateful to be celebrating christmas in our normal environment.



We opened presents and as per usual all four of us cousins are matching!!! Thank goodness my grandmas have good taste!!!

Merry Christmas,

Hailey Heavens

P.S. It has been very hard to keep up with Blogmas but I am very proud of myself for following through. Can’t wait to see what next year brings! xoxo


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