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Filming for Chicago PD!!

So I recently was hired for Chicago PD as an extra. On January 28th 2015 I got hired again!!!

If you haven’t seen my first post about my first experience which was TERRIBLE CLICK HERE!

If you would like me to leave a VLOG about my experience let me know because I have one!!

This time I was filming a night scene!! The location we were filming was out side at Millennium park on Michigan Ave (Which was closed while filming).


The day started by me going to school just like any other day. After school I got my winter apparel ready to head to Chicago. My apparel included a black Pea-Coat  from Kenneth Cole, leggings with geometric patterns from windsor, tall fuzzy socks from target, a scarf handmade (not by me), and a bright pink headband from H&M (I had to wear something bright so you could notice me in the background!).

Unlike the first experience I had I didn’t lock my keys in my car!!! The only unlucky thing that happened with my car was I parked in the wrong parking garage. Extra’s get their parking validated, but I parked in the wrong place. It was 4:30 (which was call time) and I waited with other extras and one of the small actors (The main actors “son”) for the shuttle to come pick us up. The shuttle didn’t arrive until an hour after they said it would. It would’ve been easier to walk because the holding area was only 5 minutes away. By the time we got to holding area it was 5:30. Thankfully filming wasn’t until 7 so we didn’t have to wait long. The holding area this time was at the Chicago Cultural Center. We were in the Gar Memorial Hall. It was absolutely breath taking!!!


Once it was time we headed outside to Millennium Park. We all got our skates on and skated in circles for about 3-4 hours. My legs hurt so badly!!!! My guess is the scene they filmed will only be around 30-45 seconds maybe a minute!

I had an amazing experience! Since I was skating majority of the time I was pretty warm!

The episode will most likely appear the last month of February or the first two weeks in March!!

Be sure to look out for my pink head band and white long socks!!!


Hailey Heavens


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