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Youtube Channel

Hello Everyone!!!!

I have decided to start a youtube channel!! My first video has been posted! CLICK HERE

Bean Boozled

I did the Bean Boozled Challenge with my friend Anthony!

It would mean the world to me if you checked it out!

I want to start posting more videos!!

I have a passion for filming videos. I was thinking of uploading look book videos or videos like that.

I know for sure I am recording a spring break look book and a prom video. If you could leave me a comment on types of videos you would like to see or interesting videos people would enjoy watching. I want to make lifestyle and fashion videos! I am into makeup but I am not a makeup tutorial type of person. If you have an idea for me PLEASE let me know!

Thank You So Much

xoxo, Hailey Heavens

Don’t forget to subscribe!!! Click Here


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