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Treat YOURSELF Valentine’s Day







Whenever I fell like I need a pick me up or I want to treat myself my favorite thing to do is pamper myself. This Valentine’s Day I will be celebrating by treating myself. Unlike me, if you are in a relationship this could be a great way to treat and prep yourself for your date. The first and most important step is to stop by your local lush or homemade soap shop. I stopped into lush and grabbed two of my favorites! A bath bomb, which is essential, also a face mask. I picked up the blackberry bath bomb, the bergamot oils that the bath bomb is infused with is meant to lift you up when you are feeling down or upset. I also picked up The Sacred Truth face mask, this mask is a mask that is suppose to give you a glowing radiant look right after the first use. Once you get home and draw yourself a warm bath drop a bath bomb into the water. I like to also include my favorite bath soap into the tub to give the bath some large bubbles. Before getting into the bath I like to put on my face mask and set up a cozy environment to relax in. I like to light a candle, my favorite is mahogany teakwood. I either grab a book or watch Netflix on my laptop to help clear my mind of anything I had been thinking of. Before getting to the bath I like to make sure to get a drink to stay hydrated. This Valentine’s Day I will be splurging on a Venti Strawberry Acai refresher made with coconut milk instead of water. Then I will make sure to have a little snack such as, Dove milk chocolate hearts. After removing my face mask I love to drench my face in the Mario Bedescu rose water spray. After I finish relaxing in the tub I wrap myself into a fleece robe. Than I make sure to use a hydrating moisturizer to moisturizer my body. You can find cute or sexy, affordable robes on Adore Me. Not only can you find a cute robe to relax in you can also find something for Valentine’s Day to impress that special someone. If you’re like me and have nobody to impress you can always treat yourself to something that will make you feel good. Just because you don’t have someone else to impress doesn’t mean you can’t impress yourself!! Who doesn’t love singing in their underwear while nobody is watching??

After a night of pampering myself my mind is refreshed and clear. Nothing is more relaxing than having a night to yourself in a calming, cozy environment. I have time to focus on all of the things I want to accomplish and have time to create a plan. Focusing on yourself is an important thing to do and a good trait to have. You cannot get caught up in thinking of others and not having time to think of yourself but yet you also cannot just think of yourself. This Valentine’s Day don’t just give love to others, remember to have time to love your body and mind as well.


Hailey Heavens

Pamper Routine Video


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