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Strawberry Season!! 

Today at a local berry farm it was the first day of strawberry picking season! I went with my friend Abby to the farm to pick a bucket full of strawberries! It only cost $12 (almost $2-$2.40 a pound) for a bucket filled with 5-6 pounds of strawberries! I had seen on Facebook that today was the first day and knew I had to go! 

When we got back from the berry farm we had so many red (on the inside too, normally they are almost white when bought at the store) juicy flavorful strawberries we had no idea what to do with! We decided to make strawberry muffins, such a good decision! 

If you have the chance to go to a berry farm definitely go! The strawberries taste so much better than the ones you would get from the store!!


Hailey Heavens 

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Megan Hess – Fashion Illustrator

Hello beautiful people!!!

I recently discovered my favorite fashion illustrator! I have always seen illustrations like these but I have now discovered my favorite illustrator, Megan Hess. Her illustrations are inspiring. When I found her work me exact words were “No way.”

I have now found new iPhone backgrounds for the rest of my life!!!

Here are a few pictures that I think are amazing!


My personal favorite. It reminds me of Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl!!

megan-hess-monday-coffee  Grace-Kelly-Room-Megan-Hess 5 blog_Megan-hess-sneak-peek 1320033626528-tiffanybuilding_thumb_product-horz images