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A Day in Houston | OOTD

  • Hat – Brandy Melville
  • Jacket – Forever 21
  • Tank – Charlotte Russe
  • Leggings – Lululemon
  • Bag – Forever 21
  • Shoes – Target


While I was in Houston I was interviewed for a news channel. I also met Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas at the airport.

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Camelback Mountain 


I recently visited Arizona with my friend and her mom. We took a little road trip to go hiking. The mountain we hiked was Camelback Mountain. Although we didn’t even hike half way the view was beautiful and breath taking. I realized that I really enjoyed and took in the view other than taking pictures. I did take a good amount of pictures but I spent most of my time taking in and enjoying the view. 

Here are the pictures I took.

Hat: LA Dogers Baseball Hat

Cowl-Neck Sweater: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Collection

Shoes: Nike Flykint – Black

You can check them out on my Instagram as well! @haileyrae_

I am thinking about  making a spring break Youtube fashion inspired type of video if I go to Arizona again! 


If you are ever in Arizona I definitely recommend hiking!


Hailey Heavens 


Blogmas Day 24 – Christmas Eve


Today was such an amazing day. Christmas Eve to me is one of the more exciting days for me. In the morning I got to spend it eating amazing food made by my mother and grandma. My grandma makes the absolute best crepes in the world!!!! We had a feast! I got to have a lot of great conversations with some of my cousins and learned a lot more about them.

After we ate breakfast everyone cleared the room. My dog Bentley saw his opportunity to have a feast of his own. He hopped on a chair then onto the table and started feasting himself. Until he got caught..

Later in day more of my family arrived for dinner. I didn’t eat much because me and my brother were going to my dads house to eat after. We opened a few gifts from our family. I got an extremely cute hat from my grandma from Brandy Melville that I have been obsessing over for the longest time! As well as a Michael Kors sweatsuit!

We went to my dads house to see all of our neighbors and friends. We ate steak and lobster (our tradition). After hanging out we played the game known as Double 5’s. A very popular game on my dads side of them family!!!

I can’t wait until next year!!


Hailey Heavens


Blogmas day 22!!!! – Giving

3 Days Until Christmas!!!!!

Today I wrapped all my christmas presents!! I am not the best at wrapping gifts for people so it was very interesting to say the least. It is such an amazing feeling though. Being able to give gifts is so rewarding to me. I am very excited to see what everyone thinks of their gifts! Some of the gifts I personally made and I am very proud of my accomplishments! I can honestly say this year I am more excited to give than to receive. I’ve always been looking forward to receiving gifts but after buying and wrapping all the gifts I’m looking forward to putting smiles on my friends and families faces! 🙂


Hailey Heavens